2 x Crazy Promotion, what a Nonsens

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Today I saw that 2x Crazy promotion is online

First I must say, that I like promotions normally.

But the 2 x Promo of Xcraft is a joke

1.) with something where time is important I expect to get an email or a pop-up in the game before the promo starts.

2.) in my example above the prices in the shop are currently

114 Mio Metall = 561 HC + 45 HC
56 Mio Mineral = 712 HC + 92 HC
37 Mio Vespene = 719 HC + 54 HC

The offer is 2465 HC which is more than buying the resources in the shop.

In a promo the customers expect to get something cheaper than normal...............

The question now is:

- are the admins of Xcraft of Xcraft weak in Math ?

- or do the admins of Xcraft think that we the customers are idiots who cannot calculate simple Math ?

I guess the second answer is right.

No reason to invest money in a project which not values its customers
22 April 2024 09:45:20
22 April 2024 09:45:20
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Reimund, 100% is not worth it look at the differnce betweem my human and my xerj https://prnt.sc/zZKgU_h4hMCw human and my xerj https://prnt.sc/mPqjQbg8aB5L why is there so much a differnce price when there isnt in res gain
22 April 2024 23:49:58
22 April 2024 23:49:58
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Robie7979, If your fleet on our terran account is vastly larger, that would explain it. The event also halves your amortization costs, as well as halving the time needed to research technologies/evolutions/disciplines
For me the event costs 33 crystals, which is about equal to the value of my production and amortization added together
On my zerg account the cost is 19 crystals, but my fleet on my zerg account is much smaller - although the overall production on all my planets is slightly higher.
23 April 2024 02:59:35
23 April 2024 02:59:35
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I did the math as well, and at every race I get about 30% more res if I just buy with HC, maybe 50% if I wait till end of month, market is gutted, and the points drop again.
I'd blame depletion, but my toss has very little.
As for the reseach speed bonus, the idea that is something you'd pay for is just rediculous.
23 April 2024 06:50:00
23 April 2024 06:50:00


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