Lexx should be able to randomly target poisoned buildings and die

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Hi all,

a recent game change took away a big risk in lexxing Zerg planets and objects.

3 Mar 2023 13:26:28
Lexx cannot devour buildings that have been poisoned

With this change, Lexx no longer target poisoned buildings at all. So currently have no chance of dying to poison. The lexx simply target other non poisoned buildings now.

Poisoning buildings protects them from lexxing but actually it removes the ability for Zerg to scare away lexx attacks or kill lexx with poison.

Zerg was already vulnerable to lexx as their building a can be fully eaten and there is no way to protect like toss shield battery and Terran fortification can. With no threat of poisoning lexx, zerg will become even more low risk lexxing targets. Was this intended as a nerf to zergs?

It takes a lot of effort and cost to poison buildings, and it only lasts for a few months. It is very expensive. Neural core also can't be protected.

I suggest a change be made so lexx CAN randomly target poisoned buildings (like before) but poisoned buildings do not lose levels when eaten and the lexx dies when it eats a poisoned building.

Kind regards,
19 March 2023 09:05:23
19 March 2023 09:05:23


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