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Fleet jammed

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Fleet is jammed , please fix ,
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Third class award

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Reward issued by: ymnik

24 December 2020 03:03
24 December 2020 03:03
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yeah deployment/spying/and such
24 December 2020 03:03
24 December 2020 03:03
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Same here... transports/spying/missiles/attacks/recycles... all are affected.

-------------------------------------------> 1st update:

After waiting for a long time I noticed that my fleet queue started to be processed... apparently in the order that the fleets got stuck and still VEEEEERY slowly. It doesn't look like the problem got solved. It looks more like this delayed process is part of the effects of problem still unsolved.

-------------------------------------------> 2nd update:

The delay is getting worse...
24 December 2020 03:41
24 December 2020 03:41
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The problem was fixed.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
24 December 2020 07:05
24 December 2020 07:05


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